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Save the Date – 22nd-24th September 2020:

Cattle are among the oldest farm animals due to their wide range of uses. Pigs are, in economic terms, one of the most important livestock species in many regions of the world. Farmers have developed a variety of breeds
as well as very different approaches and husbandry systems under greatly varying conditions. In addition to securing food supplies, these animal breeders and keepers increasingly work towards meeting other social
demands worldwide, such as the conservation of biological diversity and man-made landscape, animal welfare and climate change mitigation.

The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is the organizer of the

International Congress on Cattle and Pigs
– Farmers and Scientists Shape the Future –

World Conference Center Bonn (Germany)
22 – 24 September 2020

where it will share information with the sector about the latest scientific findings on the breeding and minding of animals, and will provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and for discussions on important topics for the future identified by academics and practitioners.

We would be delighted to see you at our event.

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